Realize Me’s Cardio Care Package

Introducing the Cardio Care Package by Realize Me! Access comprehensive lab tests, a targeted supplement to support your journey, an easy-to-follow action plan, and an in-platform community to motivate you on your way to improved heart health.

What's included

Initial blood test

Every experiment needs a clear starting point. Conduct your first blood test to analyze key biomarkers that you’ll measure again once your stack is complete. Simply place your order through Realize Me, then book your test at a Quest lab near you.

Berberine By Thorne

Once you determine your baselines, it’s time to introduce a new variable. This package includes a 3-month supply of premium Berberine by Thorne - a supplement that’s been shown to improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Follow-up blood test

Once you’ve completed the cycle, you’ll have your follow-up blood test. This will gauge any changes to your cholesterol, blood sugar, and inflammation levels to assess the impact of the action plan and supplementation on key biomarkers.


Optimize your heart health journey

Take action. Realize progress.
We designed the Cardio Care Package to help our users achieve better heart health by improving cholesterol, blood sugar, and overall well-being. Take control of and realize the potential for a healthier, happier you. Join the Realize Me community and discover your path to better heart health today.

Featured action plan

Join the Cardio Care Circle

The Cardio Care Package is more than a product. It’s a community of like-minded fitness and wellness enthusiasts. As a Realize Me user, you’ll gain access to Action Plans and Circles, curated support groups of users with similar goals and interests. Track your progress, share your experience, and get valuable insights from others on the same journey.

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Realize Me members can easily track their health and performance data in one central location and measure progress over time. This is your ultimate command center for health and fitness.

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